History of The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride

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The first Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride took place during the time period of September 1-15, 2007. The winner of the first ride was Scott Griffin of Seattle, Washington. Scott rode multiple horses over the 10 days of riding and completed the ride in a combined time of 61.9442 hours.

The winner of the event riding one horse the entire 515 miles was Karen Fredrickson of Kneeland, California. Her winning time on her horse "Murphy" was 86.1002 hours.

Two other riders, Susan Thompson and Jim Hole, started and completed each of the 10 days. Susan's time was 79.063 hours, riding two horses and Jim's time was 95.6452 hours, riding one horse.

The first presentation for the event was made in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 27, 2006 by Rob Phillips, Jim Gray, and John Curry, all of Kansas. (Jokingly known as the 'Three Sons of Kansas - Sunshine, Sunflower, and Son of a B****'). The meeting was arranged by Dennis Latta, Director of the New Mexico Sports Authority. Present at the meeting were Mike Celetti, Director of New Mexico Tourism, Jeff Siembieda Deputy Direct of the New Mexico Sports Authority, Henry Sanchez, Mayor of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Joy Poole, founder of the Santa Fe Trail Association, Steve Lewis of the Santa Fe CVB, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Inez Ross, who has walked the complete Santa Fe Trail, and other interested individuals. The people at the meeting gave great encouragement to the "Three Sons of Kansas".

Over the next 18 months, many trips were made up and down the Santa Fe Trail. The communities along the way became big supporters. There were 11 different Race Village cities; Santa Fe, NM 9/1-2/07, Las Vegas, NM 9/3/07, Springer, NM 9/4/07, Clayton, NM 9/5/07, Elkhart, NM 9/6/07, Dodge City, KS 9/7-8/07, Larned, KS 9/9/07, Lyons, KS 9/10/07, Council Grove, KS 9/11-12/07, Burlingame, KS 9/13/07, and Gardner, KS 9/14/07.

The first person to sign up for the 2007 ride was Scott Griffin of Seattle, Washington. He had never ridden in an endurance event until signing up. Scott ultimately won the 2007 ride.

2007 Ride Staff

  • Rob and Beverly Phillips, Lawrence, KS
  • Nicole Wasylyshyn, Lawrence, KS
  • John and Gerry Curry, Olathe, KS
  • Bill Tefft, Wakarusa, KS
  • Tim Jones, Paola, KS
  • David Boyd, Holton, KS

2007 Ride Managers

  • Marilyn McCoy, Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Rob Phillips, Lawrence, KS

2007 Ride Steward

  • Carrie Miracle, Corona, AZ

2007 Ride Vet Staff

  • Leon Self, DVM, Wyandotte, OK
  • Tom Parker, DVM, Santa Fe, NM
  • Jeanie Houser, DVM, Shawnee, KS
  • Mark McConnon, DVM, Brocton, NY
  • Patricia Schroeder, DVM, Council Grove, KS

2007 Riders

  • Darolyn Butler, Humble, TX
  • Mac McSwain, Winona, TX
  • Charlie Caldira, Dublin, CA
  • Clarke Peters, London, England
  • Jean Albert Renaud (JAR), Parkton, MD
  • Sandy Olson, Humble, TX
  • Richard Mills, Chadwick, MO
  • Shawn Davis, Tucumcari, NM
  • Dennis Duke, Ontario, Canada
  • Kathy Myers, Santa Fe, NM
  • Anna Wolfe, Des Moines, NM
  • Dawson Higgins, Tucumcari, NM
  • Heather McClain, Mission, TX
  • Laura Marshall, Lenexa, KS
  • Gentry Yost, Pocatello, ID
  • Diane O'Connor, Humble, TX
  • Rick Lee, Adams, NE
  • Vera Betzelberger, Delevan, IN
  • Jason Stasiuk, Humble, TX
  • Patti Crawford, Shawnee, KS
  • Cindi Brown, Healdsburg, CA
  • Teresa Wilcox, Chadwick, MO
  • Daphne Anderson, Pocatello, ID
  • Beth Miller, Mission, TX
  • Diane McSwain, Winona, TX
  • Paul Strick, Pierce City, MO
  • Joseph Reilly, Cypress, TX
  • Tonya Bear, Cleveland, MO
  • Laura Yost, Pocatello, ID
  • Tennessee Lane, Windsor, CO
  • Chris Yost, Pocatello, ID
  • Jonathan Jordan, Alpine, CA
  • Joyce Adams, Garden City, KS
  • Jim Brown, Healdsburg, CA
  • Linda Tribby, Redmond, OR
  • Greg Watkins, Roanoke, IL
  • Mary Ann Riley, Garberville, CA
  • Billy Jo McClain, Mission, TX
  • Kara Yost, Pocatello, ID
  • Mary Bigger, Blocksburg, CA
  • April Cyrek, Garberville, CA
  • Angela Stahl, Green Valley, IL
  • Katy Tynes, Springfield, MO
  • Margie Burton, Lenexa, KS
  • Jitske Staker, Machinaw, IL
  • Laura Hayes, Brocton, NY
  • Scott Griffin, Seattle, WA
  • J Allen, Tollhouse, CA
  • Pete Harper, Lucas, TX
  • Michael Urschel, Wabash, IN
  • Rick Medlin, Paola, KS
  • Susan Thompson, Sweetwater, TN
  • Bonnie Yoho, Salem, AR
  • Karen Fredrickson, Kneeland, CA
  • Ginger Moon Anderson, Whitehorn, CA
  • Jim Hole, San Leandro, CA

2007 Drag Riders

  • Jeff Baker, Atchison, KS
  • Larry Schuetz, Atchison, KS

2007 Drag Vehicle Driver of the Land Pride Treker

  • Todd Miller, Santa Fe, NM

2007 Volunteers

  • Laney Humphrey, Carmel Valley, CA
  • Craig Opel, Eagan, MN
  • Rick Queary, Danville, IN
  • Nancy Hitt, Louisville, KY
  • David Jiron, Tatum, NM
  • Connie Baker, Ozark, MO
  • Richard Lupardus, Iberia, MO
  • Todd Miller, Santa Fe, NM

2007 Sponsors

The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race Endurance Ride was very fortunate to receive a sponsorship from the Kansas Lottery. In February 2007, the Lottery unveiled a scratch off ticket game named after our event and it carried the race logo.

Kansas Lottery

Chevy Trucks

New Mexico Sports Authority

Titan Trailer

Land Pride